A great smile can help you project poise, boost confidence, and help you make a positive first impression. Because your smile is such an important part of communication, it’s important to preserve it! While regular brushing and flossing are key, your diet also has a major impact on your oral health. To help protect your pearly whites, our Dental Wellness Phoenixville team put together this list of foods that can ruin your smile.

Coffee & Tea

While you might consider coffee and tea essentials for functioning, your mouth would be happier without. Coffee and tea contain acids that can damage your tooth enamel over time. Because these drinks contain powerful pigments, they can leave stains on your teeth that can ruin your smile. One way to mitigate this is to drink water alongside your coffee or tea – small sips of water can help rinse oral bacteria and stain-causing particles before they have a chance to do damage.


This should come as no surprise, but candy is another cavity-causing food that can negatively impact your smile. Not all candy is created alike, however. If you’re going to have candy, dark chocolate is the ideal option due to its lower sugar content. On the other hand, chewy or sticky candy can cling to your teeth and be especially bad for your smile.


Citrus fruit is generally considered to be healthy, so you might be shocked to find it on this list. However, fruits like lemons, grapefruits, and oranges can present nearly the same cavity-causing risk as sodas. This is because citrus contains tons of acid that can wear away at your tooth enamel. You can reduce your risk by eating (and drinking) citrus in moderation.

A gorgeous smile requires both good oral hygiene and a healthy diet. To ask our team any questions or to schedule an appointment, call our office today!