Are you in need of an emergency dentist in Phoenixville? Dental Wellness of Phoenixville would be happy to assist you. As emergency dentists in Phoenixville, Drs. David and Delie understand that tooth pain, dental bleeding, and other dental emergencies can cause great concern and discomfort. Our emergency dentistry services can help ease uncomfortable symptoms and prevent dental trauma from getting worse.

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What is considered a dental emergency?

  • A Severe Toothache
  • A Broken or Dislodged Tooth
  • A Dental Abscess
  • Constant Bleeding
  • Loss of a Crown, Filling or Other Restoration

These are just a few of the common dental emergencies that patients experience. Issues like severe tooth pain are unlikely to go away on their own, and delaying care for dental trauma can make the dental emergency worse than it already is. If you are experiencing any of these emergencies, please give our office a call right away.

How are dental emergencies treated?

Treatments for dental emergencies will depend on your trauma. If you’ve lost a dental crown, you will need a restorative treatment. Restorative treatments can restore your tooth to its appropriate size, shape, and strength to help alleviate pain and protect the tooth. Preventive services, like routine cleanings and dental exams, are excellent ways to prevent problems or diagnose and treat them before they turn into dental emergencies.

When should I visit an emergency dental clinic near me?

If your dental trauma, like constant bleeding or tooth pain, can’t be resolved on its own, then visit your dentist as soon as possible to prevent the trauma from getting worse. When you call our dental office, please explain your situation so we can gain an understanding of what the issue might be. Once you visit our office for emergency dentistry services, we can help identify the problem to provide a solution that will resolve your concern or discomfort.

If you are uncertain about what to do for your dental trauma or have questions regarding treatment for dental emergencies or a general dentistry service, contact us today.

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