The thought of having a tooth pulled can be scary, at Dental Wellness Phoenixville will save your natural tooth by making it healthy and attractive. But sometimes, conditions in the mouth make it difficult to save. If an infection with pain persists, or if there is advanced tooth decay, the dental care professionals at Dental Wellness Phoenixville will typically suggest tooth removal as the best option. There are a number of ways to replace a missing tooth and give your smile a second chance, so if this is the chosen treatment route, all is not lost.

Is a tooth extraction painful?

Local anesthesia is always applied to the gums around the affected tooth to completely numb the area before the extraction. You will likely feel some pressure, but it shouldn’t be painful. In the days following your appointment, you may want to take prescription or over-the-counter pain medication to reduce any pain or soreness where the tooth was. You can also utilize ice packs to numb the area, and rinse your mouth out with a warm saltwater solution, as that can help reduce inflammation and sterilize the area. Maintaining a thorough oral care routine during this time is very important, just be careful when brushing and flossing.

Why would I need a tooth extraction?

There are a few reasons why tooth extractions can become necessary. Excessive tooth decay, infection, and trauma are among the most common reasons for tooth extractions. It’s very important to take care of issues like tooth decay and infections right away, as they can lead to emergency tooth extractions. In other cases, the teeth may simply be too crowded, and pulling one or more teeth can help keep the other teeth aligned. Wisdom teeth very frequently need to be extracted soon after growing in. Jawbone deterioration from periodontal disease can also lead to a tooth extraction being required. Of course, our team is always happy to help patients who need tooth extractions, regardless of the reason.

Are tooth extractions covered by insurance?

Tooth extractions are typically covered fully or partially by dental insurance. Dental Wellness Phoenixville also accepts cash, credit, FSAs and HSAs, and payment plans through CareCredit®, which allow patients to turn the upfront cost of their dental care into manageable monthly payments. Our goal is to offer affordable tooth extractions for any patient who needs them, so if you are concerned about cost, please contact our office. For more information about financing your affordable tooth extractions, please visit our financial page or get in touch with our team.

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