Some of our patients have teeth that are weak, breaking, cracked, or severely worn down. If this describes one or more of your teeth, we’re excited to let you know that the dentists at Dental Wellness Phoenixville have a great solution that will restore your tooth to their appropriate size, shape, and strength, helping to alleviate any pain you might be suffering from in the process.

Usually, this is a procedure for a single tooth, but it can also be performed for multiple teeth (called a bridge). There are a number of materials that can be used to cover the teeth, including metal, but Dental Wellness Phoenixville prefers porcelain for its more natural look.

If you have space in your mouth where teeth used to be, dental bridges will take care of this situation. Although it can be embarrassing having multiple teeth missing, it’s not a situation that is impossible to fix; in this case, we might recommend a bridge to complete your beautiful row of teeth. Dental bridges are fixed porcelain pieces that are permanently joined in a row, and can be supported by natural teeth with crowns on them, or by implant-supported crowns (similar to single-tooth dental implants). They look and feel like your natural teeth, but the bridge is removable.

How the bridge is built depends on how many missing teeth a patient has, the location of the missing teeth, the size and length of the roots that abutments (tooth root replacements) will be placed in, and the amount of bone support each anchor has. Because of how complex such a process can be, designing and creating the bridge requires great understanding of how to replace teeth, as well as the way surrounding gum and bone tissue would behave with a bridge nearby.

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