Tooth extractions aren’t high on anyone’s list of preferred activities. However, they’re sometimes necessary to preserve your health. If you are preparing to have a tooth extracted, knowing what to expect can help ease any stress you might feel about the procedure. With that in mind, our team at Dental Wellness Phoenixville has put together this guide.

  1. Communication Is Key
  2. Whether your tooth extraction was planned well in advance or is in response to an emergency, it is important to communicate openly with our team. Before the procedure, we will ask you for details about your medical and dental history. Be sure to answer all of our questions so we can keep you safe throughout the extraction.

  3. Follow Directions
  4. We will provide you with detailed instructions to follow before and after the procedure. Generally, we ask patients to fast leading up to the procedure to limit any nausea you might feel from the anesthesia. After the procedure, you should stick to soft foods until we tell you otherwise. This gives the extraction site a chance to heal without risking irritation. It’s also important not to slurp with a straw to avoid knocking out the blood clot and developing dry socket.

  5. Plan In Advance
  6. No matter which anesthesia is used during your procedure, it will take some time to wear off. For that reason we typically ask our patients to arrange a ride home after their extraction.

  7. Take It Easy
  8. After your tooth extraction, you’ll need to take it easy for one to two days to give your mouth a chance to heal. We always say that recovery is the perfect excuse to catch up on that new show or movie you’ve been meaning to watch. If you’re lying down, just be sure to prop your head up with a pillow.

Gentle Care in Phoenixville, PA

While it’s normal to feel a little anxious about an upcoming tooth extraction, you’re in good hands with Dr. David. To ask our team any questions or to schedule an appointment, call our office today!