Once you lose one or more teeth, you may not want to smile. The loss of teeth can also interfere with your ability to chew and speak. Fortunately, at Dental Wellness Phoenixville, serving Phoenixville, PA, and the surrounding region, we offer two solutions – dentures and implants, and we can help you decide which is your best option.


If you want the most cost-friendly option, you’ll want to select dentures. We offer a number of choices for dentures from full dentures, to partial dentures to implant-supported dentures. Implants are more expensive, although insurance may also cover a small portion depending on your policy. Before you decide, we will review the costs of your many options so you know what to expect.


In terms of appearance, dental implants look more natural. They have a similar appearance to your own teeth. The reason for this is that each tooth is connected to an individual post that is implanted into your gums. Dentures are fashioned with resin that is made to look like your gums. Even though the denture base is quite realistic looking, it isn’t the same as your actual gums.

Chewing & Speaking

You can usually chew and speak more comfortably and naturally with dental implants. They never move around in your mouth because the implants become fused to the bone in your jaw and they feel like natural teeth. If you select dentures, you will still be able to chew and speak easily, although it sometimes takes a little adjustment period.


You take care of dental implants just like your natural teeth. You brush them twice per day and floss them once per day. Regular dental visits are still important to maintain gum health and overall dental health. Unless you choose dentures that are secured with implants, you’ll need to remove them for cleaning each day. You will remove them at bedtime and let them soak overnight in a special solution. When you put them in, you’ll apply an adhesive to keep them in place.

Application Process

The process to get dental implants is more involved than dentures. However both choices will start with Dr. David removing any teeth that aren’t salvageable. With dentures, our team will make a mold of your mouth to use as a guide to create your dentures. Finally, your dentures will be custom made by our lab. We will have you try the dentures and make sure they have a comfortable fit. With dental implants, Dr. David will insert the titanium posts of the implants into your jawbone. There will be a waiting period of several months while the implants heal and fuse with your bone. Once this surgery heals, we’ll place the abutment and then a crown or bridge on each implant.

Options at Dental Wellness Phoenixville

Some people prefer a more natural look and want less maintenance hassle. Others may desire a cheaper solution that won’t take as long to receive. Fortunately, Dental Wellness Phoenixville offers both options. Contact our team to schedule a consultation. We’ll help you determine which dental restoration is right for you.