Missing teeth can take a bite out of your life. You may feel insecure in social situations or frustrated because you can no longer eat your favorite foods. That’s where tooth replacement options come in. If you thought your best smiling days were behind you, think again. Modern dentistry allows us to smile bright throughout our lifetimes, despite the wear and tear to teeth and gums. There are two primary options for those with missing teeth: dental implants and dentures. Both are great solutions that will restore function and appearance. But which option is right for you? Read on for information that will help you decide.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are firmly rooted tooth replacements. They are placed with a titanium rod into the jawbone below the gumline. The titanium is biocompatible, which means it will integrate perfectly into your mouth. Shortly after the post is implanted, you will receive a custom-made crown to be placed on top. This is the part that looks and feels like your natural tooth. When the process is complete, you have a tooth that will stay put and last years. Implants are a great option for single tooth replacements. If you have several missing teeth, you’ll get multiple implants and an attached, custom-fitted denture will go on top. This will ensure that you have an entire row of teeth that feel perfectly natural and won’t budge.


Unattached dentures are tooth replacement options that adhere temporarily to the gums. You use adhesive to place them every day. You’ll still receive custom-made teeth that look like your own. The difference is that they are not rooted below the gumline. The good thing about dentures is that you can remove them for cleaning. Dentures will need to be soaked overnight in denture solution. The process of getting dentures is less invasive and quicker than getting implants. It’s also a more affordable solution for a full mouth of teeth. Both dentures and implants require good dental hygiene and proper care.

Let Us Create Your Ideal Smile

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