Cancer can occur anywhere in the body, including your mouth. Any part of your mouth can be affected, including your lips, tongue, gums, the roof of your mouth, and inside your cheeks. Oral cancer is fairly common, but if it’s caught early on, it’s usually very curable. What is an oral cancer screening? Do you need one?

At Dental Wellness Phoenixville, oral cancer screenings are part of a regular dental exam. We look for any sores, lumps, discolored tissues, or changes in your mouth, neck, face, and head. Early signs of oral cancer include white or red patches in your mouth, lesions that don’t heal within two weeks, and swelling. Pain anywhere in your mouth, jaw, face, neck, or head is also a sign that something is wrong. It may not be cancer, but a professional screening will provide more information.

Who Is at Risk for Oral Cancer?

Cancer is the result of cell mutation. No one is sure what triggers this mutation, but some people are more vulnerable than others. Certain factors increase your risk of oral cancer.

  • A history of oral cancer
  • Tobacco use
  • Heavy drinking
  • Lots of time in the sun without sunscreen
  • Certain types of HPV
  • A weakened immune system

If you’re at an increased risk, it’s important to schedule exams with Dr. David at least every six months. Exams and cleanings keep your whole mouth healthy and let us catch early signs of cancer.

Oral Cancer Screenings at Dental Wellness Phoenixville

We give all our patients an oral cancer screening during a regular exam. It’s very quick and you don’t need to do anything to prepare for it. If you have any questions about screenings or want to schedule an appointment at our Phoenixville office, please contact us!