Haven’t you heard? Doctors make the worst patients. We’re here to tell you, the same goes for dentists. It’s true. (The sound of that drill headed toward our mouths? We shudder just thinking about it.) Okay — as hard as that was to admit, there’s another thing that’s harder: and that’s finding the right dentist.

The process is daunting, and your questions many, but with a little time, and a lot of leg work, you’ll soon see that the Phoenixville dentist who will care for you, and your mouth for years to come IS out there.

Ask around.

Hey, it may be easier than you think. Everyone needs a good dentist. Ask your friends and family; ask your neighbors, and your coworkers. Someone is bound to know someone who knows a great dentist.

With names in mind, contact your insurance provider for a list of Pennsylvania dentists that accept your insurance. Cross check the list of references your contacts gave you with the list from your insurer, and then do some research.

Take a look at our website.

These days, if a dentist doesn’t have a website, he may as well not exist. From the comfort of your own living room, you can find answers to [most of] the important questions:

  • Is the office located close by, and is it convenient to get to?
  • Do the office hours work for my schedule?
  • What kind of emergency service does this dentist offer?
  • Where was the dentist trained and what certifications does he or she hold?

Stop by for a visit.

Dental Wellness is located off of Route 23 in Phoenixville, and conveniently situated near GIANT: When you find yourself in the neighborhood, stop by for a visit to get a general feel of things. Our office is calm, clean, and orderly. Our practices are hygienic, and our staff is always willing to answer your questions.

Your dentist is someone with whom you’ll spend a lot of time, so it’s important that you choose someone you like and are comfortable with.

Look no further than Dental Wellness.

Your search ends here.

Dr. David’s mission is to provide compassionate, quality care in a warm environment. Continuous education in the study of implant dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics and oral surgery, and a commitment to using the most advanced technology available allow Dr. David to provide his patients with superior dental care.