If you’re thinking about putting off a filling, think again! Delaying important dental care can result in further damage–even tooth loss. We know that our patients live busy lives and can’t always come back to have a cavity filled as soon as it’s been discovered. In this post, we’ll let you know how long you can wait before you’re putting your teeth at risk.

The Goal of a Filling

First of all, you should know what a dental filling can do for you if you have a cavity. A cavity is a hole in the tooth caused by the acids contained in the plaque, the sticky substances that accumulate on the surface of the teeth. For patients who are diligent about their dental care, cavities are often caught in the early stages and can be treated with a filling. When you receive a dental filling, Dr. David will remove the decay and fill the area with a composite, tooth-colored filling, allowing the natural tooth to survive.

The Point of No Return

If you haven’t been visiting the dentist, or you’re delaying a filling, you’re allowing that cavity to continue to grow. As the decay spreads, the cavity will eat its way deeper into the tooth. Eventually, it will reach the root, causing inflammation and infection within the root. With deep cavities like this, a root canal can usually save the tooth. With extensive decay, extraction and replacement are sometimes the only answer.

What If I’m Too Busy to Come Back?

We know it’s not easy to duck out of work for consecutive appointments. However, by skipping or delaying a filling, you’re putting yourself at risk for more extensive, and more expensive, dental work down the line. If you’re conflicted, talk to us about timing. If it’s a small, emerging cavity, you may be able to wait a few weeks to have it filled, while bigger cavities shouldn’t be ignored for long.

Preventative Care at Dental Wellness Phoenixville

There’s more to dental care than daily brushing and flossing. In-office care is also important to the health and longevity of your smile. With regular visits to our Phoenixville, PA office, we’ll help you and your family stay on top of your dental wellness so that you won’t be sidelined by a dental disaster. Been putting off that filling? Now is the time! Give us a call today or click the link below.