Many people enjoy adult beverages, whether it’s wine, beer, hard liquor, or a cocktail. Does alcohol affect your dental health, especially if you drink on a regular basis? What does alcohol do to your teeth? Should you be concerned?

Alcohol & Acid

Certain drinks contain lots of acid. White wine, hard cider, beer, and sparkling wine are especially acidic. The acid chews at the enamel on your teeth, leading to erosion. You might experience increased tooth sensitivity and even pain. It’s possible to mitigate some of the acid’s effects by drinking your beverage with a meal. You can also look for less acidic options like gin.

Alcohol & Tooth Stains

Red wine, dark beer, and every other dark-colored beverage can stain your teeth! This becomes even more likely because of the acid in alcohol, which makes your teeth more vulnerable to staining. To fight staining, sip a glass of water with your alcohol.

Alcohol & Tooth Decay

Alcohol can increase your risk of cavities for two reasons. The first is the high alcohol content in many drinks, like vodka and whisky. The alcohol dries out your mouth. When your mouth is dry, you don’t produce as much saliva to wash the plaque from your teeth. The second reason is that mixed drinks made with syrups and fruit juices are very high in sugar. Whenever you consume sugar, the bacteria in your mouth use it to produce cavity-causing acid.

Maintain a Healthy Smile at Dental Wellness Phoenixville in PA

Alcohol can have some negative effects on your dental health, which is why brushing, flossing, and visiting the dentist for regular cleanings are so important! At our office, we offer services like exams and cleanings, restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, emergency dentistry, and more. If you’re concerned about alcohol’s effects on your smile, please contact us with questions or to schedule an appointment!