When Should I Consider Getting Dental Implants?

Missing teeth can make it difficult to eat certain foods. Many people also hesitate before they laugh or smile around others. However, there are worse consequences that can result from not replacing missing teeth. Tooth roots help to stimulate the jawbone when the patient chews. This keeps the bone healthy and helps it retain its mass. When a dental restoration is not used to replace one or more missing teeth, the jawbone can begin to weaken, and the healthy tissue can deteriorate.

Some Benefits of Dental Implants

One of the great benefits of dental implants is the fact that they are implanted into the jawbone. Not only does this help each implant feel more like a natural tooth and remain stable in the bone, but it helps the jawbone remain healthy and strong.

What Causes Implant Failure?

It’s important not to wait too long to receive an implant. This is because the jawbone may deteriorate to the point where there is no longer enough healthy tissue present for the implant. This could result in implant failure, which occurs when an implant does not properly fuse with the jawbone. If you do not have enough healthy jawbone tissue for an implant, not all hope is lost. Bone graft procedures can be used to restore the health of the jawbone. Once the jawbone has healed, an implant can be placed.

Tooth Restoration on Dental Implants

If you are having one or more teeth removed due to excessive decay or dental trauma, our team can speak with you about your tooth replacement options before the procedure. This will help us create a custom treatment plan that meets your needs from the very beginning. Dental implants can be used to secure full or partial dentures or dental bridges. If you are missing just one tooth, the implant will be finished off with a dental crown. This makes for a comfortable and realistic-looking replacement tooth.

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Dental Implant Restorations in Phoenixville, PA

If you already have missing teeth and you’re considering dental implants, please schedule a consultation with our office. We’ll assess your oral health, budget, and lifestyle to determine if dental implants are the right treatment option for you. Having a complete smile is crucial not only when it comes to feeling confident and eating and speaking with ease, but for health reasons as well. Our team would love to help you restore your smile.