When you lose teeth, your appearance can change significantly. Your smile is the most affected feature, but missing teeth can also cause your cheeks to sink in, which makes you look older. Most people want tooth replacements to restore their appearance, but missing teeth are more than a cosmetic issue! Here are four other reasons to replace missing teeth:

1. Replacement Prevents Misalignment

Missing teeth leave open spaces behind. Rather than stay where they are, your remaining teeth can shift. People with previously straight smiles can end up with crooked ones! Crowding and bite misalignments can cause issues like TMJ disorder and an increased risk for cavities. When you replace the teeth you’re missing, you can prevent these issues.

2. Replacement Helps You Eat Better

When you lose teeth, it’s harder to eat certain foods, like cooked meats and fiber-rich vegetables. Depending on how much your chewing ability is affected, you could miss out on lots of important vitamins and minerals! Tooth replacements help you add more healthy foods to your diet.

3. Replacement Restores Your Speech

Missing teeth affect your speech, especially if you’re missing teeth at the front of your mouth. Certain sounds become more difficult to pronounce, which can be frustrating and embarrassing. When you replace your teeth, you’re restoring your ability to speak!

4. Replacement Can Prevent Further Tooth Loss

When you lose teeth, your jawbone doesn’t get the stimulation it needs to stay strong. Over time, it deteriorates and can’t support your remaining teeth as well. Individual dental implants replace the roots of the teeth you’ve lost, while implant-supported dentures replace a few roots. They preserve your jawbone and protect you from further tooth loss!

Replace Your Missing Teeth at Dental Wellness Phoenixville

If you’re missing teeth, you know it affects how you look, but there are other consequences! Replacing your missing teeth prevents your teeth from shifting, helps you eat better, restores your speech, and protects you from more tooth loss. Contact us today to set up a consultation with Dr. David and the team!