Cosmetic dentistry is a ground-breaking branch of the dental field that specializes in improving the smile’s appearance and functionality. You shouldn’t have to settle for a smile that you aren’t happy with. With cosmetic dentistry, dentists utilize many different tools and techniques to help you achieve your dream smile! Keep reading to learn more about the different types of cosmetic dental treatments.

Dental Bonding

Over time, your teeth will experience natural wear and tear. In fact, chipped teeth are a fairly common dental injury that many will experience at some point in their lifetime. Luckily, cosmetic dentistry can fix chipped teeth! Dental bonding is a tooth-colored material that can reshape and restructure a section of tooth that’s been chipped off. After the bonding is molded into its desired shape, a blue light hardens the bonding and the tooth is restored.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a sought after cosmetic treatment because it has a quick and noticeable impact on teeth. If you’re feeling self-conscious about any yellowing of your teeth, it’s time for a visit to Dental Wellness Phoenixville. Whitening treatments can take a smile from dull to dazzling in as little as one hour!

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Dental Veneers

Veneers are a completely customizable cosmetic treatment. They are thin, porcelain shells that are bonded to the front side of teeth. Dr. David will work with you to design your ideal smile and bring it to life. From the shade to the shape to the length of your new teeth, veneers are the perfect solution for a complete smile transformation!


Orthodontic treatments can drastically improve the look and health of your smile. From correcting misaligned teeth to adjusting your bite positioning, orthodontics are tailored to each patient’s unique needs. Dental Wellness Phoenixville offers Invisalign® clear aligner therapy and an accelerated traditional braces called Six Month Smiles. If your bite is well aligned but your front teeth aren’t as straight as you’d like, this treatment could be ideal for you.

Beautiful Smiles at Dental Wellness Phoenixville

We believe everyone deserves to have a smile they feel confident behind! At Dental Wellness Phoenixville, we are proud to provide a wide range of cosmetic dentistry treatments for our patients. Please contact our office to schedule your cosmetic consultation!