Are you unhappy with the way your smile looks? Do you spend hours dreaming of how you’d like to change it without exactly knowing what it would take to get to that beautiful finished result? That’s okay! We’re the dental professionals after all so that’s our job, not yours. Dental Wellness Phoenixville takes a unique approach to smile makeovers with our three-step Aesthetic Line process. Here’s a little bit about how it works and how it can transform your smile.

Identify the Problem

The initial step with our Aesthetic Line is identifying the problem. We need to know what the issue is before we can offer an individualized solution! Each patient has unique smile needs, and we want to first pinpoint yours with a thorough, in-person examination. At our dental practice, we are big believers in customized dental care. That starts out with listening to your concerns and getting a first-hand look at the situation.

Visualize the Solution

The next step is to visualize the solution. Dr. David is a graduate of NYU’s “Advanced Aesthetic Dentistry” course and he doesn’t simply zero in on your teeth. He looks at your facial profile as a whole. Other related factors like your muscular structure and bone tissue can have an huge effect on your treatment plan. In order to accomplish this, we use a combination of dental-facial evaluation, high-definition photography, and smile analysis.

Select the Appropriate Approach

In the final step of our Aesthetic Line, we decide which combination of techniques will offer you the ideal solution. In other words, what will achieve the most attractive result that complements you specifically. Cosmetic dentistry encompasses a wide range of treatments, including veneers and teeth whitening. What dental services might be right for you won’t necessarily be right for someone else! You’ll also get a chance to preview your smile with our digital Smile Preview software before we get to work to make sure you’re happy with what we’ve come up with.

Aesthestic Line in Phoenixville, PA

Are you interested in getting a smile makeover with our Aesthetic Line? Come in for a complimentary consultation with Dr. David at Dental Wellness Phoenixville. We would love to get you started on that smile you’ve been dreaming about! Just call our practice to set up your visit.