Did you know that the average adult will wear braces for one and a half to three years?

While some adults will wear their braces for a shorter amount of time, some may even have to wear them for longer. This is a huge time commitment, even for adults who are more likely to be compliant with their braces treatment than the average teenager. Instead of going through this entire process, many adults will simply continue to be unhappy with their smiles and hide them behind their hands or simply avoid smiling with their teeth.

There is another solution.

Our Phoenixville, PA dentist office is now offering the revolutionary Six Month Smiles system.

Using traditional brackets and wire, this system provides patients with a faster, more effective treatment that will help them get a smile they are proud to show off, often in as little as six months. This is a much better alternative to the three years that more traditional treatments usually take.

Completely safe, comfortable, and effective, it could only take six months to get that smile that you have always wanted!

Here’s what makes Six Month Smiles different.

Shorter Treatment

The length of the treatment is one of the biggest differences between other tooth-straightening treatments and Six Month Smiles. While Invisalign might be nearly invisible in the mouth, the average length of the treatment still takes anywhere from eighteen months to three years. For those that simply want straighter teeth for a more beautiful smile, this is a lot of time to devote to a treatment.

Because Six Month Smiles can take as little as six months to achieve the same cosmetic results as any other treatment, it is often preferable.

If your only concern is about straighter teeth and you are not experiencing any of the function or hygiene issues that often come along with crooked or unevenly spaced teeth, this shorter treatment time can be very attractive. Instead of having to wait years to get a smile you are proud of, you will generally only have to wait around six months.

Many of our Phoenixville, PA patients find that if their concern is largely cosmetic, the shorter treatment time of the 6 Month Smiles system is much more attractive than going through a more extensive and lengthier treatment for the same results.

Focuses on Front Teeth

The main concern of many patients is not about the straightness or evenness of all of their teeth. Instead, they are the most concerned about the straightness of the teeth that can be seen when they smile. The goal of 6 Month Smiles is to provide an accelerated braces program that gives its patients straighter teeth, in a much short timeline. How this is done is by focusing on the teeth that can actually be seen when you smile.

In traditional orthodontics, a bracket will be placed on every single tooth and it will be moved to better align with the arch of the teeth as a whole. WithSix Month Smiles, we instead focus on the front teeth. Not only can this improve your bite, it will significantly improve the alignment of these teeth, giving you that perfectly straight, movie-star smile that you have always wanted. The reduced scope of the treatment is part of how we shorten the overall treatment time.

Invisible Brackets and Wire

One of the biggest road blocks between most people and adult braces is the appearance of braces.

While Invisalign is a good alternative to metal brackets and wires, Invisalign takes just as long, if not longer than metal braces. 6 Month Smiles, on the other hand, uses clear or tooth-colored brackets, along with clear or tooth-colored wires, in order to make the braces less noticeable.

Not only will it be easier to get through the experience of braces, knowing that fewer people will even see the braces on your teeth, but you’ll be wearing the braces for a much shorter treatment time. By the time that most people notice that you are wearing braces, it will be time to get those braces off!

Getting braces can often be a hit to your self-esteem, even if you know that the smile that they create is going to help boost it down the road. Using these clear or tooth-colored brackets and wires ensures that you do not have to experience self-consciousness while in this program.

While these same types of braces are available to those that are getting more traditional treatments, the reduced treatment time is really what makes the Six Month Smiles program unique and desirable.

Less Expensive

Because of the short duration of the treatment and its reduced scope, the 6 Month Smiles program that we offer at our Phoenixville, PA dentist office is much less expensive than a typical Invisalign or metal braces treatment. This makes it much more affordable to get straighter teeth.

If you’ve been putting off getting braces because of the cost, this may be the perfect solution for you! You’ll get the same results, at a much lower price.

Almost all of our patients pay much less for Six Month Smiles than they would have paid for another braces treatment and certainly for another accelerated braces treatment. If you have been craving the confidence that comes along with having a straight smile, this is a less expensive way to get it!

More Comfortable

Another major road block with getting braces is the discomfort that comes along with any braces treatment. With 6 Month Smiles, the discomfort is much less.

Not only will you be feeling discomfort for a shorter amount of time because the treatment is faster than other teeth alignment methods, the adjustments themselves will be more comfortable and safer. Your teeth, gums, and jaw will experience less pain. While most patients using traditional braces or Invisalign will only be through the first stage of their treatment at six months, you’ll be completely done with Six Month Smile.

For more information about Six Month Smiles in Phoenixville, PA or to schedule your appointment to see if this option is right for you, call our dentist office today!

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