invisalign-clear-bracesDo you need braces but worry about how they will affect your appearance? Have you heard of Invisalign?

Invisalign, also known as “invisible braces”, is one of the most popular alternatives to traditional metal braces. This system has a number of benefits over metal braces, including the fact that it is nearly invisible.

One of the biggest downsides of metal braces is how much attention they attract and how they can affect the confidence of the person wearing them. Because Invisalign is almost invisible in the mouth, so much so that hardly anyone will notice you are wearing the aligners, this system can straighten your teeth, in about the same amount of time, at about the same cost, without any of the drawbacks of choosing metal braces.

Here at our Phoenixville, PA office, we offer Invisalign to a wide variety of patients, ranging from teenagers to adults!

Why should you choose Invisalign over another teeth straightening system?

Ability to correct a wide variety of issues

In the past, Invisalign was only viable for a select few issues. If a person had largely cosmetic misalignments, Invisalign was usually a good option for straightening a few teeth. Now, however, it is a much more advanced treatment, capable of treating even moderate and severe misalignments and bite issues.

While metal braces can also treat these problems, the clear braces solution does it without advertising the fact that you are straightening your teeth.

Convenient maintenance and cleaning

One of the biggest benefits of choosing Invisalign is the ability to take the aligners out. This makes it very easy to both maintain your treatment and to clean your teeth. When you get Invisalign, you will be given very specific instructions for how you are supposed to clean your clear braces. The ability to remove the aligners altogether ensures that you can simply brush your teeth and floss, just as you always have.

While individuals who get metal braces have to deal with relearning how to properly brush and floss their teeth, the cleaning routine to keep your teeth healthy is exactly the same as before you had Invisalign.

No dietary restrictions

There are lots of very specific dietary restrictions when you have metal braces, for obvious reasons. Food that is too crunchy can easily break brackets and distort wire, while chewy and sticky foods can bend the wire and actually pull the brackets off of the teeth.

When you get clear braces through the Invisalign system, you do not have to worry about what you eat, as you can take the aligners out of your mouth before eating. This means that you do not have to restrict your diet at all!

The appearance of the aligners


Most people who have had Invisalign report that almost no one has noticed that they are wearing their aligners. After the first couple of days, as you adjust to having the clear aligners in your mouth, it is very unlikely that anyone will be able to tell that you are wearing them at all. This makes Invisalign a much preferable treatment to metal braces, which are, in contrast, very easy to notice. Even those with steady self-confidence might find their self-esteem shaken when they have to wear metal braces for years and years. Invisalign eliminates this concern.

Simplifies your life

With metal braces, you might have to relearn how to do some of your favorite activities, might have to take special precautions to protect your braces during those activities, or even stop doing those activities altogether. For example, playing sports or instruments might become more difficult when wearing metal braces. The ability to take out your clear braces when wearing Invisalign assures that you can continue to take part in your favorite activities, even if wearing your clear braces at the same time is not possible.

Less discomfort

Many people fear the pain and discomfort that comes along with metal braces. While few patients report actually feeling pain, there is a period of discomfort as the mouth adjusts to metal brackets and wire. Invisalign, on the other hand, is made of smooth plastic, which fits neatly in the mouth. There are no protruding wires and no sharp edges that could cut or irritate the interior of the mouth.


One of the biggest misconceptions about Invisalign is that it is actually more expensive than traditional metal braces. While the treatment may be more expensive for some patients, most actually pay about the same for Invisalign as they would for any other tooth-straightening treatment.

Some patients will even end up paying less, especially if they are completely compliant with their treatment and follow the instructions given by Dr. David. Those who follow these instructions and wear their aligners for the prescribed about of time will usually have a much shorter, and therefore less expensive, treatment process.

What Does the Invisalign Treatment Process Entail?

The first step of any Invisalign treatment is to schedule an appointment at our Phoenixville, PA dentist office. This ensures that this treatment is actually right for you. Some people are simply not candidates for Invisalign. Discussing your situation and your goals with Dr. David will help determine whether or not this is the right treatment for you. Also during this initial consultation, we will discuss cost and insurance with you.

Once you have decide to choose clear braces, we will take x-rays and impressions of your teeth. This is necessary in order to customize a treatment path specifically for you. This custom treatment plan will then be used to create your aligners. When you are given your aligners, all you have to do is wear them in the right order, taking them out only when you need to brush and floss your teeth or eat. Every two weeks you will put in a new set of aligners.

Treatment is most effective when the patient wears those aligners for at least twenty-two hours a day, leaving just enough time for cleaning the teeth and aligners and eating.

There has never been an easier or more affordable option for getting that straight, beautiful smile that you have always wanted. For more information about Invisalign or to schedule your consultation, contact our Phoenixville, PA dentist office today!

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